David Lloyd Swim sessions

To be swum between:

December 1st-4th 2017

Warm up - continuous

5mins crawl

4mins back

2mins breast

1min fly

Total: 600m

Drills – 15s rest between efforts.

FINGER DRAG-Finger tips touch water surface and shoulder, elbow and wrist all level with each other as they pass shoulder.

OVER BARREL-Drop finger tips over the edge of a barrel

LOCHTE DIAMOND-Pull like Ryan Lochte in a diamond shape.

2-3*50 finger drags

2-3*50 over barrel

2-3*100 diamonds

Total 600m

Main set – 25s rest between efforts. Descending distances incorporating the 1st 50m as a drill. 2 major efforts and the rest as medium effort with good form.

8” (500m – finger drag 1st 50) -

6.5” (400m – medium hard)

5” (300m – over barrel 1st 50)

3.5” (200m – very hard)

2” (100m – diamonds 1st 50)

Total 1500m

Warm down

Easy front crawl with other stroke on alternate lengths

Total 200m


November 24th-27th 2017

Technique In open water we want to be able to swim as fast as possible and be able to change our pace to take advantage of drafting opportunities

150m easy warm up
3*50m [emh] rest 15s
50-150 back, breast or polo
3*50m [emh] rest 15s
50-150 back, breast or polo
3*50m [emh] rest 15s
Total: 600-900m


Main set – On all 25m and 50m hard efforts you need to time yourself. Either on your own watch or the wall clock. These really should be hard efforts, but the key is that you don’t lose form. For the better swimmers the 100s are 1500m pace maintenance for slower swimmers the 100s will be body rotation drills so 1 arm, catch up and full stroke will be used to get that feeling of efficient swimming back after the hard efforts.

4*[25h + 25e] rest 20s
3-5*100m rest 10s
4*[50h + 50e] rest 30s
3-5*100m rest 15s pace chg

Total: 1200-1600m